Vision and Mission

Our Mission

The Company should provide a secure and rewarding investment to its shareholders and investors, quality products to its customers, a secure place of work to its employees and be an ethical partner with its business associates.

Our Vision

The Company aims to establish a vertically integrated textile business producing finished products, processed and grey fabrics and yarn. The company aims to produce high quality diversified products at competitive price to be marketed globally.

Principle Business activity
The company is principally engaged in manufacturing and sale of yarn and fabric.

Other Permissible Business Activities
The main objects for which the Company is established are as follows;

To carry on the business of textile mills, proprietors and textile manufactures, and to establish, run, work, maintain and control textile mills, and to install, establish Power Generating Plants for the Supplying Power Energy to the Industrial Projects of the Company and to enter into agreements with WAPDA, any other Government, Semi-Government, Autonomous Bodies, Organizations, or any industrial, Commercial Institutions or Limited Companies of Factories for Supplying Power Energy on competitive rates