Fazal Group

Introduction Fazal Group

Fazal Group is one of the oldest and largest Textile Groups in Pakistan, with operations in Cotton Ginning, Ring Spinning and Grieg Woven Fabric Manufacturing. Fazal Group- textile owns and operates Ring Spinning plants, comprising of 284,529 Spindles and 4572 Rotors, with a production capacity of 8,798 tons per month and Weaving Units comprising of 582 Air jet looms producing 9.26 million yards fabric per month. All units have Captive Gas Fired Power Plants with a capacity of 59.66 mega Watts. All plants are equipped with state of the art equipment. The units are located around Multan; heart of the cotton belt of Pakistan.

A variety of products are produced with emphasis on value added products like Plied Yarns, Combed Yarns, Core Spun, MVS, Melange Yarns, Slub Yarns, Compact Yarns, Poly Cotton Yarns, Modal Cotton Yarns, Rayon Cotton Yarns and fair trade, Zero Twist Yarns, High RKM Yarns for industrial end use, Grieg Fabrics for industrial, bottom wear and sheeting industries.

Bulks of the Group’s sales are generated from exports. Customer satisfaction, from order placement to after sales service, is given priority over every other aspect as a policy.

Continuous reinvestment is made to modernize and balance manufacturing facilities with an aim to diversify, improve and expand product base. Investment in human resource development is also an integral part of the Group’s business plan. Strict attention is placed on environmental concerns and plants are regularly inspected to ensure compliance of relevant environmental regulations. The Group comprises of the following companies:

Group Companies

• Fazal Cloth Mills Limited
• Fazal Weaving Mills Limited
• Ahmed Fine Textile Mills Limited
• Fazal Rehman Fabrics Limited
• Rehman Amir Fabrics Limited

• Hussain Ginneries Limited
• Zafar Nasir Oil Extraction Limited
• Amir Fine Exports (Pvt.) Limited
• Rashid Brothers Associates (Pvt) Limited
• Fazal Farms (Pvt) Limited

Associated Companies
• Fatima Fertilizers Company Limited
• Fatima Energy Limited
• Pakarab Fertilizers Limited
• Reliance Weaving Mills Limited